These days, most businesses utilize a video marketing campaign, because no marketing campaign is complete without powerful video content. Known as the form of media with one of the best conversion rates, having video content is absolutely critical if you are promoting your business and brand online. On this post, we will talk about how to make a powerful video marketing campaign.

And the first question you need to ask yourself is, what kind of video do you need for your video marketing campaign? What kind of content will be most beneficial in delivering results for your brand? It might vary depending on your business, but the following types of video content are known to often deliver great results. Read on to find out more, and learn a few tips on how to make your video marketing campaign the best it can be.


about us video for your video marketing campaign

  1. Start a video marketing campaign with an “About Us” video.

Now more than ever before, consumers are hyper-aware of the values of the brands they support. Millennials in particular will only purchase from brands whose purpose and values are aligned with their own.

The point is, customers want to buy from companies and brands they know. So to help potential customers get to know your company, why not film a video about you, your brand and your company?

Why is an “About Us” video important? It’s an opportunity to talk about your company’s mission, what your company stands for, what causes your company supports, and what your company is passionate about.

Still unsure of what to include in your “about us” video? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Talk about how your company came about.
  2. Don’t be shy about your company’s accolades and achievements
  3. Try to share a very unique detail about your company that can make it more memorable to your customers.

Here are some questions to answer on your “About Us” video:

– How did you come up with your company name?

– Where did the idea for your company come from?

– Why did you create your company? What purpose do you want it to serve?

– How many people does your company employ?

– What’s it like to work for your company?

  1. For useful and informative content, create an explainer video.

While an “About Us” video allows potential customers to get to know your company, an explainer video provides information about your service or product. It gives you a chance to go more in-depth about what you’re offering.

An explainer video is meant for potential customers who are right on the edge of making a purchase. What it does is provide answers to the most commonly asked questions about your product or service. Think of it as an FAQ page, but in video format.

Depending on how complicated or technical your product is, the perfect time to go into detail about its complexity is on the explainer video.

Here are some questions to answer on your explainer video:

– How does your product or service work?

– What makes it different from its competitors?

– Does it utilize any kind of patented technology that makes it stand out in the industry?

– Do you have any tips on how users can make the most of your product or service?

  1. For that all-important sales pitch, create a promotional video.

While an explainer video goes in-depth on your product or service, a promotional video is your sales pitch in video format. And as sales pitches go, they should be short, sweet, and single-minded in its message.

The promotional video is not the time to go into too much technical detail over what you’re offering – you have the explainer video for that. Instead, this is the time to excite potential customers about the benefits your product or service can provide them, and to convince them of the value they’ll be getting by purchasing from you.

A promotional video is just as important as an explainer video, and they work hand-in-hand to drive consideration and conversion. So you’ll need both for your video marketing campaign.

Here are some questions to answer on your promotional video:

– What benefit does your product or service provide?

– How can your potential customer’s life be made better by what you are offering?

– What is the need your product or service is trying to fulfill?

 customer testimonials camera filming

  1. Product Reviews and Customer Testimonials

While it’s great for you to talk about your own company, brand, product or service, nothing is more convincing than having actual customers share their thoughts and honest reviews. This is where a customer testimonial video comes in handy. If you have enough loyal customers who are willing to be filmed to provide their honest opinion about your product, by all means, include them in your video marketing campaign. Nothing is more convincing to potential customers than existing customers.

It’s even better if you have loyal customers who have a considerable following online, also known as social media influencers. Additionally, these social media influencers usually have experience being in front of the camera talking about the products they love, so they’re bound to provide you with engaging content.

The thing about social media influencers, however, is that these days, it’s not often that they would offer to make content about a product or service unless they get something in return. Unless they absolutely, truly love a product or service, they wouldn’t make content about it for free. You can decide to ask them to make paid or sponsored content, but they’re not as powerful or convincing. It is ultimately up to you if you’d like to leverage on social media influencers to promote your product, or reach out to actual, real customers who will vouch for your product without expecting anything in return.

Here are some questions to answer on product reviews and customer testimonials:

– Why do you like using this product?

– Would you recommend this product to others? Why or why not?

  1. Need funding for your business? You should create a pitch video.

If you’re starting out with your business or are planning to bring an idea to life, making a pitch video might help you reach out to the right people who can help you get your business up and running.

A pitch video should contain the story behind your company and your product – how you came up with it, why it’s important to you, and why you want to bring it to life. Ultimately, it should convince potential investors to support you on your undertaking.

Often, a pitch video must be inspiring and optimistic. It has to stir something in its audience. Otherwise, it has to be absolutely convincing from a financial perspective – that is, how much return on investment the idea can deliver to early investors.

Here are some questions to answer on your pitch video:

– What makes your idea unique?

– What would excite your audience about your product?

– What would you say to convince other people to support you and your business?


At the end of the day, you can’t expect just one video to deliver on all your video marketing goals and needs. A video marketing campaign requires you to develop various video content, each with its own role in delivering results for your business: from introducing your company to new audiences, educating potential customers about the value of your product or service, getting loyal customers to talk about your product or service, to convincing investors to invest in you and your bold, new idea.