No matter what type of content you wish to film, San Francisco and the Bay Area have nearly endless possibilities. From beautiful beaches to any number of the area’s famous landmarks, there’s no need to travel far in order to capture that perfect shot. If you’re looking for inspiration, however, there are a few notable places to film in the San Francisco Bay Area that tend to stand out.  Whether you’re a bay area video production company or a YouTube vlogger, there are many locations to get that awesome shot.

1.The Golden Gate Bridge


Are you actually filming in San Fran if you don’t have at least a few shots of the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge? Not only does its bold red color provide a lovely contrast to its surroundings, but even on a foggy or rainy day, there’s something majestic about this historic bridge. Even if you don’t choose to make it the center of your video, a few stock shocks can add artistic interest to your project.

2. Union Square

If you’re looking for footage that will capture the hustle and bustle of central San Francisco, you can’t go wrong with Union Square. This plaza is jam packed with shopping, hotels, theaters, and restaurants. It is also a recognized California Historical Landmark, boasting unique architecture and character you simply won’t find anywhere else in the Bay Area.

3. Painted Ladies/Alamo Square

Perhaps most famous for their appearance on the popular television show Full House, the Painted Ladies/Alamo Square homes found in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood are a wonderful place to film for a few reasons. For starters, the historic Victorian homes that line these streets are absolutely stunning, with many of them painted in a rainbow of pastel colors. Furthermore, the movement that led to the beautification of this area in the 1960s is symbolic of the spirit of the Bay Area overall. This is definitely a location worth considering for any type of shoot.

4. Lombard Street

While somewhat challenging to shoot from a logistical standpoint, the famously curvy portion of Lombard Street certainly provides visual interest that cannot be captured anywhere else. One block of this street is packed with sharp, hairpin turns that create an eye-catching image. Also known as “the crookedest street in the world,” you might consider adding this one to your list of potential locations for a video shoot.

5. Ocean Beach

Perhaps one of the most picturesque beaches in the world, Ocean Beach is located just a stone’s throw from Golden Gate Park and is a great place to shoot if you want breathtaking views of the ocean, sunsets/sunrises, and beach-goers enjoying surfing, volleyball, and other activities. There are also some fun and colorful beach-front stores and cafes that can create an ideal backdrop for your shoot here.

These are just a few of the most popular San Francisco area locations to consider for a video shoot. Whether you’re looking for something dynamic, artistic, iconic, or a combination thereof, the Bay Area is one of the best places to shoot in the entire country. Now, which of these will you incorporate into your next vide