Did you know that video content can significantly improve the click-through-rate to your landing page? These days, it’s important for local San Francisco Bay Area businesses to cement their presence online with content that is attention-grabbing and relevant to local customers within a certain geographical area.  The area is full of innovative marketers so it’s important to be on your game when it comes to digital content. Reaching more local people is great, but being able to engage more local people is even better. Because the more local people interact with your content, the better chances of you converting a sale.

This is where video production and video marketing come in. With powerful video content for your brand, local businesses have a better chance of attracting potential customers. In fact, research has shown that video content is able to provide an increase of over 150% in site traffic from search engine results.

Not sure how to use video marketing for your local business? Read on to get tips and tricks on how to make the most of your video content.

introduction video

1. Introduce your business to potential customers.

A constant struggle of local businesses is getting the word out on the product or service that they offer. Because of their limited marketing funds relative to much bigger companies, it’s hard to compete for a sizable enough share of voice in the market.

Engaging video content can help reduce this disadvantage. With the right creative concept and a strategic and efficient media plan, local Bay Area businesses can communicate with the right local customers and potentially drive sales.

In this regard, one of the first types of video content a local business should make is one that introduces the product or service that they offer. Having a great introductory content video is the online equivalent of having a really good salesman for your product or brand at the doorstep of every household in the neighborhood.

There’s no need to make the video lengthy and chock-full of information – something short, sweet and snappy will work better, in fact. Aim for impact – your video needs to stand out and grab the attention of potential local customers.  It should also be professionally produced by a San Francisco Video Production company.

Remember that for a lot of people, this video is most likely the first type of content they’ll see with regard to your product or service, so make sure it leaves a good impression.

2. Become a local expert.

Whatever your business is about, there’s obviously a demand for it in the San Francisco Bay Area – otherwise you wouldn’t have chosen to put up that kind of business in the first place.

You can use video marketing to highlight your expertise in your industry. Aim to be the local expert in your field. Show off the depth of your knowledge of your local area in videos shot in well-known spots in San Francisco or nearby, but don’t forget to throw in a few “secret” spots to show your own style.

The goal is to become the go-to guy in the local area for the field or industry your business participates in. For instance, if you own a  bakeshop in downtown San Francisco, create a series of video content where you visit the local Bay Area sources of your ingredients and interview their proprietors. You can also document the local events such as festivals and weekend markets that you participate in.

bakery baked goods for video content

The key with these videos is that you don’t just talk about your company, product, or service. Instead, provide an insight into the local scene. Think of yourself as the trusty shop owner everyone who’s new in town goes to in order to learn about the area.

Need some inspiration? Check out videos of your favorite travel vloggers or your favorite local guides like 7×7.com or the travel vlogs of your favorite YouTubers to get a sense of what these local guides should feel like.

3. Highlight the benefits of your product or service.

Every business owner takes pride in his product or service. Why don’t you leverage on that pride by creating video content about how great your product or service is? Of course, you can’t just throw praises at what you’re offering. Instead, highlight the benefits a potential customer will gain from using your product or service.

For instance, if your company is selling security systems in your local area, make a video that lists all the reasons why a potential customer should set up a security system at his or her home. You can then use the benefits as the reasons – for peace of mind, for a more efficient way to alert the authorities in case something is wrong at home, etc. Rank the reasons or benefits in order of importance and be sure to tackle the top reasons or benefits first.

Remember to be authentic and truthful about your claims. Don’t exaggerate, but don’t downplay the real benefits of your product or service either.

If you don’t feel comfortable making the video yourself, hire a talent, or better yet, a local  influencer or celebrity, to work on the video for you. While you’re at it, get a San Francisco Video production agency to help execute the plan for you. With a proper briefing from your end, making a video on this shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Demonstrate how your product or service works

Have you ever bought something on impulse at the mall after seeing a sales representative give a demonstration of it? How can you replicate that experience online? The answer is through video content. Create a video where you or a talent demonstrates how your product or service works. As usual, simplicity is key. The goal of this video is to show how easy it is to use your product or service. This is especially critical for businesses that dabble in very complicated industries, like perhaps a certain software.

A product demonstration video is able to bring to life what is in your product page, because these days, photos and text just aren’t enough.

This type of video is particularly critical for local businesses who are bringing an entirely new concept to a specific locality. For example, if you are the first restaurant to offer Filipino food in your town or city, why not create a demonstration of how to eat sisig, a popular Filipino dish? Locals will appreciate the new information and get excited about the opening of your restaurant at the same time.

5. Show off your RTB (reason to believe)

While it’s great to make video content about the benefits your product or service delivers on, it’s equally important to demonstrate why your product or service is able to deliver these benefits. The answer to this why is your product’s RTB or Reason to Believe.

Essentially, it is the reason why a potential customer should believe that a product can deliver on a specific benefit.

Let’s use an acne-clearing facial wash as an example. Such a product would probably claim that its benefit is to help prevent acne breakouts. But why would your customers believe you? This is where you can highlight a special ingredient in your facial wash that has been clinically proven to prevent acne breakouts. Additionally, you can also use research-based claims for your product as RTBs, such as things like “9 out of 10 pimple breakouts prevented”, etc.

As with any video content, make sure you are sharing information that is accurate and not misleading or deceiving in any way. Get the proper clearances or certifications before you claim anything on your video content. Remember that video marketing, as with any marketing, is done not to deceive potential customers into buying products, but by giving them all the information needed so they can make an informed decision about your product and eventually purchase it.

There are so many different ways that video content can help in the success of local businesses. But whatever type of video content you use, the key is to be authentic about what you’re selling, be simple about what you’re selling, and create impact.  And most importantly don’t skimp on the quality – entrust your video content with a professional San Francisco Video production company.