Video marketing isn’t just effective – it may be the single most powerful weapon that businesses of all sizes have in their marketing arsenals today. Even the act of mentioning that you’ve included a video in an email subject line can increase click-through rates by between 200 and 300%. If you include a video on a landing page, you can expect your conversion rates to go up by 80%. To that end, it makes perfect sense that 65% of marketers in the United States plan on increasing their ad budgets to account for video over the next year.

Out of all the video-based techniques that you should be exploring, video testimonials are perhaps the one most deserving of your ongoing attention for a number of compelling reasons.

What Makes Video Testimonials Worthwhile?

Understanding the powerful impact of video testimonials ultimately comes down to two core points: how the human brain works and how people make decisions about which products and services to buy.

To the first point, humans are visual learners – they always have been and they always will be. Studies have shown that when someone hears a particular piece of information, they’re only likely to remember about 10% of it just three days later. If the same information is delivered visually, like with a video testimonial, that number leaps to 65%.

Also, don’t underestimate the fact that visual content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter according to Hubspot. The use of video testimonials isn’t just a great way to attract the attention of clients who are already interested in what you have to offer, but it’s a perfect opportunity to use them to exend that reach as well.

The Power of Word of Mouth

To the second point, video testimonials in particular are so critical because they create an emotional appeal for your brand. People don’t just want to “take your word for it” when considering a product or service to spend their hard-earned money on. They want to hear from real people that this is a decision worth making.

Consider the fact that according to BrightLocal, 88% of people said that they trusted online reviews written by other consumers just as much as they trusted reviews from people they actually know in their real life. With a video testimonial, you’re essentially getting the “best of both worlds” – you’re taking information the customer is actually looking for (in terms of reviews from other people) and packaging it in a format that they’re already receptive to (a video).

What you’re left with is something of a perfect storm. You’re not just creating more confidence in your target audience with a video testimonial, you’re creating more emotional engagement as well. When you consider that research estimates that of people who read online reviews said that positive reviews influenced their purchasing decisions, this is one trend that your business cannot afford to ignore any longer.