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Video Styles

We craft the perfect video for your business

Whether you’re looking to inspire or generate buzz about your brand, we produce visually engaging videos that connect and make a lasting impact with your fans.

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We showcase your products or services by creating compelling videos to communicate your unique story, marketing message, and company mission. A great way to rank higher in searches engines while captivating and engaging your visitors.



Whiteboard or animated-text style videos are one of the best ways to explain or simplify a process and clearly convey your business value proposition.



A product video can make the difference between a visitor and a buying customer. It will motivate and inform your viewers in a way that encourages them to take action.



We capture breath-taking aerial imagery for almost any kind or project you can think of. Aerial video allows us to maneuver in and around buildings, natural habitat, or spaces, in order to create flawless imagery you never imagined possible.



Testimonial videos are extremely valuable for building trust around your brand. They allow a unique opportunity for the viewer to see and hear from real life customers who give credibility to your products or services in an unbiased way.



Resort videos gives your potential guests the chance to experience and get a flavor of their destination before they arrive. It allows you to beautifully convey your unique location, staff, offerings, showcase your facility, and nearby surroundings.



Training doesn’t have to be boring. Our training and educational videos explain concepts, capture attention, and will keep your audience engaged while most importantly allowing the viewer to retain that information.


Non Profit

One of the most difficult challenges a nonprofit organization faces is educating people about their work — but Visual Z Studios can simplify this. A visually memorable video helps not only create excitement, but also conveys the magnitude of your organization’s work.

The Process

all the pieces of the puzzle to deliver you the highest quality finished product


We begin each video project with a creative brief to determine your goals, target audience, budget and the style that is most suitable for your audience. For example, you may want a testimonial video or a product promotional video shot at various locations or perhaps a product explainer video. We listen, determine your marketing agenda and discuss specifics which may include film location, scripting options and timeline.


The pre-production phase of a project is where we flesh out the details before the camera rolls. This phase sets the overall vision of the project and everything that will occur in production. This includes scripting, storyboarding, shot list and developing concepts. Pre-production also involves working out the details of scheduling, shoot location and casting.


The video production process is both a art and a science. It’s where the magic happens and finally all that planning is paying off! The lights turn on, the camera starts to roll, and your concept takes shape.
Of course, if your project is animated, production may be an entirely different experience for you.


Post-Production is the final stage of the entire production process. The pace and the tone finally takes shape. Your video is polished up with editing of audio, graphics, color correction, titles, music and other effects. Depending on the complexity of the project, animation or motion graphics may be integrated. The final video is delivered in the format you desire including DVD or flash drive.